Parking fine (PARK)

‘PARK’ signifies you have a parking fine. Perhaps you forgot to buy a ticket? Or perhaps the time ran out? In this category you can find all the information on parking fines.


Frequently Asked Questions

Someone else was driving your vehicle?

Did you lend out your car? For this kind of fine it is not possible to declare another driver. Parking fines are solely payable by the owner of the number plate.

You already paid this fine?

Have you already paid? Please check your proof of payment for the structured communication you used. If it is not the same reference, it is a different fine.

You paid your parking fee yet you still received a parking fine?

You were probably parked in a place reserved for licence holders. In many cases this concerns a residential zone. The residents themselves are asking for these places to be constantly monitored. After all, thanks to the reserved residents' places, they have an opportunity to park in the vicinity of their home.

You received the parking fine because you do not understand Dutch?

This is not a eligible defence. You must always respect road signs. Regardless of whether you speak the language or not.


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