Welcome to the website of the bailiff’s office GDW-Gent in cooperation with the city of Ghent. On this website you can find more information about your unpaid debt to the city of Ghent.

Find more information on the kind of debt you have

If you enter your file number on the right hand side you will be led to the page containing information on the kind of debt you have.

You can find your file number on the letter you have received. This is either in a grey box on the top left hand side of the letter or either right above the header with your address.

Where can I find my filenumber?
where to find the file number on the payment request where to find the file number on the payment request

Low emission zone (LEZ)

To improve air quality, Ghent’s inner city (the area within the ring road) is a low emission zone. Only vehicles that meet the entry requirements will be allowed into this zone.

Check your vehicle before coming to Ghent. If you drive a vehicle without a Belgian or Dutch number plate you will need to register before entering.

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Parking fine (PARK)

‘PARK’ signifies you have a parking fine. Perhaps you forgot to buy a ticket? Or perhaps the time ran out? In this category you can find all the information on parking fines.

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Pedestrian zone (MOB)

This category contains all the information on MOB fines. MOB fines are a special kind of Municipal Administrative Sanction. These are fines given for driving into certain areas of the city whereas only vehicles with a permit are allowed to drive.

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Police violations (POL)

Did you park in a spot where you’re not allowed to park? For instance on white markings or next to a yellow marked curb? In those cases you can be fined by the police. This category is another special kind of Municipal Administrative Sanction.

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Municipal administrative sanction (GAS)

The Municipal Administrative Sanction is a penalty, usually a fine, which a municipality can impose for infringements of its municipal regulations. These are given to deter different types of public nuisance.

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Fiscal fines (FIS)

If you have a fiscal fine it means you did not pay some kind of city tax. This could range from the tax on transportation by a police vehicle to the tax on taking up public space (i.e. for a terrace).

More information can be found here.

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Non-fiscal fines (NFIS)

NFIS-files are files regarding unpaid non-fiscal city matters. These could range from unpaid fee for unnecessary interventions by a city service to unpaid city services for pest control.

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